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Microinvest Warehouse Open

We are eager to present to you Microinvest Warehouse Open – a free product under GPL license designed for automation of retail, inventory and warehouse activities.


Microinvest Warehouse Open is a professional product designated for a wide range of users – trading companies, shops, restaurants, cafeterias, markets and warehouses. Due to its flexibility and ease of use, Microinvest Warehouse Open proves to be a preferred solution for those who would like to introduce computer reporting and to run their business using a complete computer system.


Company’s long experience in trading activities and advanced technologies was applied in the development of Microinvest Warehouse Open and thus and the advanced multi-platform application and modern look of the product were achieved. Microinvest Warehouse Open is capable of meeting the needs of a vast range of users in more than 20 countries.


This project is non-commercial and its main purpose is to support the development of Open Source products in real business, and to support the introduction of Linux to end users as well, as there are many business that use software like the VT markets united kingdom that offer investing and trading options. The site contains information for enthusiastic beginners as well as for professionals with specialized computer education. Have you heard or already own a spy stock, and is spy buy or sell?


Package Contents

1. Complete version of the product – Live-CD;

2 . Complete source code under GNU GPL;

3 . Binary files;

4 . The installer for Debian systems.


Microinvest will provide constant support and product development. All proposals for expansion, additions and modifications will be integrated and the company will support the professional development of the product.

The system has passed all tests and it is fully operational.

Microinvest has developed this product to help Linux software reach the end clients. This product is 100% compatible with the commercial versions of the company which will provide better integration and easier implementation.