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Warehouse Open is a multi-company software for warehouse management. The MySQL database allows the use of a large number of workplaces in the mode client – server as a LAN or via Internet. The program is able to build a hierarchy of groups and subgroups in nomenclature, rearrangeme, edit or delete them. For each product can be applied product code, several barcodes and catalog numbers, as well as ten sales prices. The program allows to work with two units and ratio.

The program creates complete partner records and takes care of the validity of the data (identification number, IBAN, etc.) All users log in with a name and password, and they are enabled to work with only one location.

Microinvest Warehouse Open performs all the operations necessary for management of trading or industrial companies. It is able to create recipes and productions. As soon as an operation is completed, the program generates a document that can be printed on a standard printer.

The list of reports is long and using a filter to each of these operators may obtain the necessary information in the desired form. Microinvest Warehouse Open enables the use of pricing rules to define flexible system of discounts and bonuses. Pricing rules allow users to perform desired actions under certain conditions.

Built-in modules for quick sale, a cash server for direct management of fiscal and POS printers, as well as working with scales, barcode readers and magnetic card enables POS automation.