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Microinvest offers two different versions of Microinvest Warehouse Open. The first of them is absolutely free, it contains full source code under the GPL license. The second version is upgraded with additional modules that are available for license fees and they are a further development of the basic version of the product.

Standard version

The main features of the program are available in the standard version of the product. It is accompanied by source code under the GPL license, allowing any alteration and modification. This version is entirely functional without any restrictions, but it does not have the specialized modules (touch screen, restaurant, kitchen monitor, etc).

This particular version contains the core of the program.

Extended Plus version of the product

To the standard core, an extended version of the program is offered. It contains a set of additional modules that support the activity, but they do not determine the basic operation of the system. These are specialized modules such as:

• Data import and export;

• Editor of documents for creating individual documents;

• Barcode printing;

• Specialized interface for a restaurant;

• Specialized interface for a store.


In Plus version these modules are time-limited or can be used until a certain number of operations is reached. In order to continue using the program for an indefinitely long period of time, licensing is required.

The technology allows users to become familiar with the capabilities of specialized modules and then decide if they want to purchase and use them.


The Plus version does not violate the GPL license because all additional modules are part of the Plug-In architecture and further added to the system. The core of the program remains under the GPL, core modules are GPL, but additional modules are paid.