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Microinvest Warehouse Open supports a large variety of peripherals for POS automation. Here below are listed all the printers (fiscal, POS and kitchen), scales, readers and displays, Microinvest Warehouse Open is compatible with.

Carat Maxima
Carat Partner
Daisy 7720
Daisy Elite Micro LT
Daisy Elite Micro MT
Daisy Expert *
Daisy Expert (for Georgia)
Daisy Expert KL
Daisy Expert KL-01
Daisy FX1200 *
Daisy FX1200 KL
Daisy Micro
Daisy Micro LT
Daisy Profiprint *
Generic EscPOS Serial (Image Mode)
Generic EscPOS Serial (Text Mode)
Generic File(Image)
Incotex (for Tanzania)
Incotex 114М
Incotex 118М
Incotex 119М
Incotex 130Ф
Incotex 300S Ethernet и RS232
ISL 3811
ISL 3951
ISL 5011-KL
Mercury 114F AZ (for Azerbaijan)
Mercury MS-K v.01
MStar – FKZ
MStar – TK
Tremol FP01-KL
Datecs CMP10
Datecs FP 1000

Datecs FP 1000 KL
Datecs FP 300
Datecs FP 55
Datecs FP 550-05
Datecs FP 550 KL
Datecs FP 60
Datecs FP 60 KL
Datecs DP 500Plus KL
Datecs DP 55 KL
Generic EscPOS Ethernet (Image Mode)
Generic EscPOS Ethernet (Text Mode)
Tremol M-KL
Tremol S-KL
Tremol ZM03
Tremol ZM-KL
Zeka FP03
Zeka M02 – E
Zeka M03 – E
Electronica FP03T
Electronica FP05M
Electronica FP05T
Shtrih – Light – FP – K
Shtrih – Mini – FP – K
Shtrih – M – FP – K
Shtrih – FP – K
Shtrih – FP – F
Elves – FP – K

Kitchen (POS) printers:
Custom Q1 Ethernet
Custom Q1 Serial
Custom XKUBE Ethernet
Custom XKUBE Serial
Datecs EP – 50

External display:
Carat Maxima
Carat Partner
Generic CD5220 Display
VFD 202-25 *
VFD 202-50 *
VFD 202E
Zeka FP03

Digital scales:
Daisy Elit 15SM
Datecs DT-15
Mettler Toledo Mini-Tiger
Vedia VDS-6/15C

Card reader:
Generic Serial Card Reader