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– Added: New special item type “Discount”. The amount of this item will be deducted from the operation total.
– Added: New item type “Distributed charge” which adds and distributes cost in the items above it in the purchase. Can be used for shipping or customs taxes to add their cost in the items received but keep the document total the same.
– Added: Strike-trough option for the texts in the document designer.
– Added: Support for Partner MF-2351 fiscal device.
– Added: Support for Non-inventory and service items.
– Added: Support for Tremol FP07-KL printers.
– Added: Sales can be viewed even when an invoice is attached to it.
– Added: Support for CAS ER Plus electronic scales.
– Added: Items can be searched for by code, name or barcode in from the Touch Screen.
– Added: Option to not print cash receipts by default when bank payment is selected.
– Added: New price rule condition to check if the database was synchronized with IncoCloud recently.
– Added: Ability to generate weight barcodes for items.
– Added: Allow Daisy Expert GE to only sign sales.
– Added: Client balance source field in the cash receipt document.

– Improved: Better document numbers range editing interface and warnings for potential problems.
– Improved: Faster Touch Screen items loading speed.
– Improved: Use devices collecting sales information for fiscal reports when available instead of cash receipt printers.
– Improved: Clearer barcodes when printed on paper.
– Improved: Better purchase price recalculation algorithm.
– Improved: More accurate purchase price recalculation logic for automatic productions.
– Improved: Better looking dialog to add discount from Touch Screen.
– Improved: Use absolute quantity when transforming stock-taking to another operation.

– Fixed: Pending transfers are not always correctly completed.
– Fixed: When multiple pending transfers are synchronized at the same time, transfers may get merged.
– Fixed: In rare situations partially synchronized transfers may get deleted.
– Fixed: Error when synchronizing operations with numbers bigger than 2,1 billion.
– Fixed: Updates on Mac OS X may not complete successfully.
– Fixed: When mandatory data was not successfully downloaded from IncoCloud, but a database was created, the databases list is not refreshed.
– Fixed: Rare case in which multiple copies of the touch screen layout are saved.
– Fixed: IncoPOS licenses which will be active in the future have an install here button even when they are already installed on the same machine.
– Fixed: Incorrect barcodes may be generated in some situations.
– Fixed: Printing a document right after editing it shows the lines with 0 quantity.
– Fixed: Incorrect selection displayed in the document designer when offset is used.
– Fixed: Incorrect prices printed on invoice when making a vat exempt sale.
– Fixed: Codes were not automatically generated when creating new partner or item from a suggestion.
– Fixed: Barcodes may not be printed on the correct printer.
– Fixed: Print server not printing pending sales.
– Fixed: Rare crash in the choose item and choose partner dialogs.


– Added: Price rule condition and exception depending on payment types used.
– Added: Basic integration with Magento using the Web Connector service in IncoCloud.
– Added: Option to save an operation as a draft if closing the operation without saving.
– Added: Suggest the sales attached to an issued invoice to be annulled too when annulling an issued invoice and automatic invoicing is enabled.
– Added: Suggest the purchases attached to a received invoice to be annulled too when annulling a received invoice and automatic invoicing after purchase is enabled.
– Added: Tax number information to the proforma invoice template.

– Improved: Handle and show an error in rare cases when MySQL refuses to return results.
– Improved: Better logging to the application log.
– Improved: Removed unnecessary application log entries when closing an empty operation.
– Improved: Faster saving of operations on big databases with many operations.
– Improved: Better error handling while connecting to external devices.
– Improved: More accurate visualization of time since last synchronization in IncoCloud.
– Improved: Better handling of errors caused by lack of database access permissions while adding a database to IncoCloud.

– Fixed: Touch Screen configuration may become cleared if too many items or locations are added to the screen.
– Fixed: Items are always added to the operation with VAT even when the operation is marked as VAT exempt.
– Fixed: Crash while trying to transform a document.
– Fixed: If printer name changes, printing may become unavailable even if default printer is set to be used.
– Fixed: Crash while importing items with negative availability.
– Fixed: Crash while formatting dates according to arabic localizations.
– Fixed: Rare application hang on startup while loading addins.
– Fixed: Images may not show in document templates.
– Fixed: VAT amount is shifted in the invoice document.
– Fixed: Updates under Mac OS X sometimes fail.
– Fixed: Rare case when a stock-taking is incorrectly detected as with old format.
– Fixed: More correct average prices recalculation when annulling an operation.


Added: An option in Settings->Operations to show statistic information in the footer in the operation windows.
Added: An option in Settings->Printing to print the Transfer receipts using the sale prices.
Added: Suggestions for the location field while creating a new invoice or credit/debit note.
Added: Allow entering of items with quantity using keyboard or barcode in the Touch Screen.

Improved: Much faster IncoCloud synchronization and backup speed.
Improved: Allow the total only drivers to print the same payment types as the ones selected by the user.
Improved: Show the licensing tab in the IncoCloud management when a license limitation was reached.

Fixed: Allow editing of purchase prices in purchase return operations.
Fixed: Rare crash while trying to open entity from the report result.
Fixed: The recipient bank account information cannot be displayed in the invoice template.
Fixed: Crash while saving a sale with service charge price rule.
Fixed: Error while trying make a sale with payment with Card and printing a receipt on Daisy Expert for Georgia.
Fixed: An error while trying to make a sale using the Daisy Expert GE – Total Only driver.
Fixed: Wrong average purchase price and vat recalculation in some cases.
Fixed: Error if the user tries to print a bar chart report.
Fixed: Rare error while creating a report from the POS screen.
Fixed: Incorrect average prices recalculation with non-positive availability.
Fixed: Barcode printer may use the settings for the regular document printer by mistake.
Fixed: Average purchase prices recalculation for situations with no availability.
Fixed: Splitting the bill and selecting the same client in the Touch Screen may cause an error.
Fixed: Always create new databases with the default touch screen layout profile.
Fixed: Rare case of wrong calculation of average purchase prices.


Added: Filter by operator and a column for operator in the Cash Book screen.
Added: Export to Armenian invoice XML format.
Added: The Point of Sale reports are now available in the Touch Screen module Reports section too.
Added: Returns report to the Point of Sale screen.
Added: Refresh button to the Cash Book.
Added: Support for Armenian Tremol fiscal printers.
Added: Add sale prices to the report for availability as of date.
Added: A separate button to split a bill and move a customer in Touch Screen.
Added: Remember the last run report during application restart.
Added: Support for the GoodsCode value in the EscPOS graphical receipts.
Added: Note field and filter to reports for operations where missing.
Added: User permissions to make orders or finish sales in the Touch Screen.
Added: User permissions to enable the payment buttons in the Trade Point screen individually.
Added: Report for partners debt.
Added: Warning when switching to items management using lots and when there are operations with different purchase price for the same item.
Added: Armenian document schema.

Improved: Update the item purchase price after recalculation of the purchase prices if the recalculated period includes today.
Improved: When calculating average purchase prices take into account purchases with 0 price.
Improved: Changed the minimum document numbers allowed for a location to 10 000.
Improved: Do not stop printing receipts when Georgian Daisy printers send a paper error.
Improved: Better formatting of the fields in the source fields list in the Document Designer.
Improved: Better export file name suggestions.
Improved: Better distribution of the banknotes selection button in the payment dialogs.
Improved: Only meaningful digits are displayed when displaying quantity on external displays.
Improved: Print items in kitchen receipts from subgroups of the selected item groups for this printer.
Improved: Users without IncoCloud license now are always allowed to restore their databases.
Improved: Added logging for operations that are cleared before being closed.
Improved: If the user has access to only one IncoCloud group, select it automatically when restoring a database from IncoCloud.
Improved: Editing of the default user is not available any more as this may cause problems when a new user is added and this user becomes unavailable.
Improved: Automatically settle all the payments for a partner if the debt is fully paid.
Improved: The payment dialog is not displayed when saving a stock-taking with a negative debt.
Improved: Better error handling of MySQL connection errors.
Improved: Better average price calculation logic when working with negative availability.
Improved: Wrap the names of items in the Touch Screen if too long.

Fixed: Creating a new cash book entry by a user locked to a location may leave the location field empty.
Fixed: Editing a cash book entry may save a wrong amount when using currency rounding to 1.
Fixed: Incorrect total in words when using rounding of prices to 1.
Fixed: Write-off operation incorrectly displays the sale price column.
Fixed: Pressing Save in the Write-off operation do not prompt before saving the operation.
Fixed: Text in the step buttons in the database wizard is sometimes cut.
Fixed: Sale returns not calculated while calculating turnover in the Turnover report.
Fixed: Saving a new operation with transformation shows the new operation as edited.
Fixed: Pressing Enter in message dialogs always presses OK or Yes.
Fixed: Incorrect rendering of text boxes with padding in the Document Designer.
Fixed: Incorrect Cash Book entry recorded while adding an advance payment.
Fixed: Location while creating a new Cash Book entry is not locked if the current user is locked to a location.
Fixed: Paying with a custom payment type based on cash type does not add a new cash book entry.
Fixed: Incorrect result in reports which use date time range filter.
Fixed: Users without access to IncoCloud groups cannot add licenses.
Fixed: The dialog to download mandatory information for a database from IncoCloud may appear below the splash screen.


Fixed: Crash when adding a new payment and printing a fiscal receipt.


Added: Allow quick creation of barcode printing sheets using transformation from other operations.

Fixed: Discounts in purchases affect the sale price too.
Fixed: Note field is displayed in the barcode printing module.


Added: New module in Edit->Administration->Recalculate purchase prices… to recalculate the purchase prices for the sales in a given period based on the purchases before that.
Added: Option to modify the keyboard shortcut for the receipt reports.
Added: New feature for importing transfers from TManager.
Added: Option in the screen for payment edit to print a payment document.
Added: Turnover report and Operations report in the Trade point screen.
Added: IncoCloud group owners can transfer ownership to other users from the licensing screen.
Added: Keyboard shortcut for the Touch Screen module.
Added: Items can be searched by serial number from the operations.
Added: Buttons (and keyboard shortcuts) for Cut, Copy and Paste in the Document designer.
Added: Keyboard shortcut to open the Dashboard.
Added: Barcode generation to the Item edit screen and to the Barcode printer.
Added: When advance payments are available show the sum of them in the payment window.
Added: Option to recalculate the volume weighted average price when deleting a period.
Added: Scrolling when necessary in the import mapping dialog.
Added: Printing of duplicate receipts from the menu Edit->Administration.
Added: New function is available in some printer drivers to open connected cash drawers.
Added: Importing details in operations from a file.
Added: Help index in Help->Documentation…
Added: Note field in the printed documents.
Improved: Allow reports that search for text contained in the name to search for all the words separately.
Improved: Invoices may show incorrect price without VAT when working with prices with VAT included.
Improved: Payment receipt now uses the operation number (when not advance) and shows the due amount and the partner dept.
Improved: Various improvements for Mac OS X.
Improved: Migrated all the open source project files to .NET 4 full profile for better compatibility with MonoDevelop.
Improved: Removed the date filter while selecting a consignment for sale/return as it is more confusing than practical.
Improved: Lots marked as NA and with white space should be considered the same.
Improved: Allow multiline texts in documents to be aligned properly as set in the TextBox.
Improved: Printing final receipts is now possible using the Generic drivers even if the sale is not fully paid.
Improved: Separate document template for kitchen receipts.
Improved: Editing text fields with multiple lines is now possible from the Document Designer.
Fixed: Crash on some Macs when previewing a document.
Fixed: Short-cuts sometimes stop working.
Fixed: Groups containing special symbols are not displayed correctly in the groups tree.
Fixed: Exclude empty details when previewing a consignment.
Fixed: Rare crash when using a specific font in a document and exporting to PDF.
Fixed: Kitchen receipts cannot be changed to include prices.
Fixed: Consignment sales and returns do not load the details of the selected consignment.
Fixed: The service charge price rule do not work on saved orders.
Fixed: Keyboard shortcuts cannot be modified.
Fixed: Display the operation type in the receipt report for operations.
Fixed: Crash at startup when the serial port is not available any more.
Fixed: Spaces not always rendered correctly when exporting to PDF.
Fixed: Setting X or Y offset in the document designer may cause text to be trimmed.
Fixed: When changing the font size of multiline text in the document designer the allocated size is not properly changed.
Fixed: The X and Y offset is not always displayed in the document designer property grid.
Fixed: Consignments are not visible while choosing a consignment for sale or return.
Fixed: The property grid in the document designer sometimes has its width locked.
Fixed: Pictures are not rendered correctly when printed on documents on Mac OS X.
Fixed: Georgian texts incorrectly displayed on printed documents on OS X.
Fixed: Include advance payments on the payments screen regardless of the locking to a specific location.
Fixed: Payment due amount not calculated correctly in the payments screen.
Fixed: Crash while opening the Cash Book window on Mac OS X
Fixed: Pressing ‘a’ in the warranty card warranty period field opens a report.
Fixed: Crash while generating barcodes.
Fixed: Payment due amount not calculated correctly when adding a new payment.
Fixed: Payment documents not always printed.
Fixed: Warranty card reprint not available from the menu.
Fixed: Show Warranty period instead of Expiration date on warranty cards.
Fixed: Daisy drivers for Georgia do not use the installed licenses.
Fixed: Running IncoPOS on Mac OS may display a warning that Java is required.
Fixed: Invoices from sales and consignment sales do not reprint correctly.
Fixed: Allow adding and editing of price rules that modify the discount regardless of the setting for the visible columns.
Fixed: Sorting in Dashboard cannot be changed.
Fixed: Quantities not imported correctly in stock-takings.
Fixed: Incorrect filtering when using minutes ago filters and static filters with OR combination logic.
Fixed: Rare and random crash when working with MySQL databases.
Fixed: Changing the payment type when editing payments does not always reflect the change correctly.
Fixed: Sometimes after adding and element in the document designer, the property grid is positioned over it.
Fixed: Error occurs while deleting a period.

Added: Permission to disallow the UI editing and refresh in the Dashboard.
Added: New filter type for date fields in the Report designer – more/less than minutes ago.
Added: Functionality to the File menu for backup and restore of all settings.

Improved: Calculate the purchase price in the recipes as it will be calculated in the production.
Improved: Faster loading of the consignment documents.
Improved: Added a keyboard shortcut Ctrl+R for reports in the POS screen.
Improved: Added scrolling to the payments dialog when more than 3 payments are shown.
Improved: While refreshing the reports do not show the loading animation if the last refresh time was less than a second.
Improved: Better MySQL connect timeout handling.
Improved: When making a consignment sale/return the default quantity of all details is 0.
Improved: Automatically merge the consignments based on location and partner.
Improved: Better VAT calculation when using prices with VAT and compatibility with fiscal devices.

Fixed: Details are empty when reprinting an invoice for consignment sale.
Fixed: Calculation of the average price do not take into account the sales.
Fixed: Crash in the productions preview when no productions are available.
Fixed: Recipes cannot be annulled.
Fixed: Production totals not shown in the edit screen and the preview.
Fixed: Inability to add more than one item as a product in a production operation.
Fixed: Details in consignment sale/return not saved correctly.
Fixed: Stock receipts for consignment sale cannot be printed immediately after editing.
Fixed: Error while attempting to annul a consignment which would cause insufficient availability.
Fixed: Focus lost when opening the POS screen with locked partner and location.
Fixed: Database connection dialog is displayed when no connection can be made with the database on start up even when disabled.
Fixed: Crash while having no transfers and showing the transfer selection dialog.
Fixed: The tool tips in the Dashboard stay forever if the Dashboard is closed using the Esc key.
Fixed: Crash while reprinting a consignment return.
Fixed: Consignment sales affect availability.
Fixed: Remove the empty consignment sale/return details on save.
Fixed: When creating a consignment sale/return the default date is not today.
Fixed: Different VAT calculation of VAT in stock receipt and invoice.
Fixed: Crash in Cash Book with empty filter.


Added: Allowed selecting quantity by entering qtty*code when choosing an item by code.
Added: The total of all sales is automatically calculated in the footer in the Touch Screen sales report.
Added: Note field in the operations.
Added: Transfers and Wastes are now allowed when purchase prices are disabled for the user. Sale prices are used for the operation totals in this case.
Added: Support for Daisy Expert KL-01.
Added: Tax configuration screen when creating a new database.
Improved: Calculation of average price is now done correctly while editing purchases.
Improved: Enabled editing of unsaved changes in Touch Screen orders regardless of the presence of the correction permission.
Improved: Touch Screen settings are now migrated to the database and are shared between workstations that have the same setting in Settings->Touch Screen->Layout.
Improved: Make the Georgian Daisy Expert Cash Only driver print just the total.
Improved: Settings saved in the database are automatically reloaded if changed by another synchronized database.
Improved: ttyACM serial ports are now shown on Linux.
Improved: When there is a reservation on a table, the color of the table is changed too, for better visibility.
Fixed: Operations preview not refreshed after annulment.
Fixed: Error while creating restaurant rooms in the database assistant.
Fixed: Write-off was using sale prices instead of purchase prices.
Fixed: Bad rendering of invoice documents with more than 80 rows and wrapping item names.
Fixed: Crashes with notes and proforma invoices with SQLite databases.
Fixed: Database assistant not accepting number of stores entered from keyboard.
Fixed: Filtering in Partners, Items, Locations and Users screens are case sensitive when using SQLite.
Fixed: Not all user settings saved when creating an user from the database assistant.
Fixed: Consignments not properly saved when editing a new detail.
Fixed: A rare crash with keyboard shortcuts.
Fixed: Crash when having a price rule with an invalid values.
Fixed: Price rules reset the purchase price improperly when using lots.
Fixed: The document template sources are lost after save.
Fixed: Clearing all the details in the operations was not logged correctly in the application log.
Fixed: Deleting an item from the Touch Screen is possible, when corrections are disabled for the user.
Fixed: Consignments with 0 quantity in some rows were not allowed.
Fixed: The advance payments dates are not changed when used in operations.
Fixed: Price rules screen can shrink too much.
Fixed: Enter does not select the item from the list, right after a new item is added.
Fixed: The materials quantity cell remains active in the recipes after we move away from it using Tab.
Fixed: Time not recorded in the reservation.
Fixed: Payments were not saved in the cash book correctly.


Added: Warning when a document cannot be edited through a report because of an invoice.
Added: Transliteration to Latin alphabet in international documents.
Added: Proforma invoice and receipts for sale and purchase delivery in Polish language.
Added: The possibility for setup of default access rights to all users with the same level of access.
Added: Defined default access rights for different levels of access.
Added: Option for partial application of price rules.
Added: Capability of sending of exported information through e-mail.
Added: Shuffling of rows and columns in the document designer.
Added: Group “Deleted” for storing of unused goods.
Added: New action with price rules – adding of a promotion solely for a given operation.
Added: Warning when the time of the clock of the connected fiscal device is not set.
Added: Capability for adding of a store and restaurant customers from the database help tool.
Added: Tranfer to new row of products and data about suppliers or document receivers.
Added: New operation “Write-off”.
Added: Check for text length when saving, in order to not exceed the maximum length in the database.
Added: Printing server for printing of notes, sent by remote machines.
Added: Bank data in the proforma invoices.
Added: Drivers for Incotex Tanzanian printers.
Added: A report for minimum quantity in stock.
Added: New driver for remote printing of notes by a computer, which uses a printing server.
Added: Setup for selection of the time for refreshing the locations condition information on the sensor screen.
Added: Setting in “Operations” for showing the row number during an operation
Added: Possibility for changing the partner in the invoice screen.
Added: The buttons for new group and deleting of a group are disabled, when the buttons for new nomenclature and deleting of nomenclatures are disabled.
Added: Ability to choose more than one operation as a source during transformation.
Added: Ability to choose more than one operation when issuing an invoice.
Added: Driver for Azeri fiscal printer Mercury 114F AZ.
Improved: Enhanced view of the colour palette in the document designer..
Improved: Removed meaningless zeros from the quantities in the notes.
Improved: The screen for confirmation of price rules.
Improved: Prepayment to be used only if the user marks the new box on the screen.
Improved: The window for export to file always shows the default name on the file itself.
Improved: Improved document designer for editing of text boxes and tables.
Improved: Optimized user view for lo- resolution screens.
Improved: Removed unused fields for second unit of measure and ratio in the product screen sheet.
Improved: Removed setting for enabling of printing.
Improved: The fiscal compatibility is enabled only if a fiscal device has been added in the help tool.
Improved: The system windows for file saving do not initially show the selected name of the file.
Improved: All places for entering of money accept formulas.
Improved: Sample databases use updated dates.
Improved: Better management of pictures in the document designer.
Fixed: Document Samples are not included in the DEB package.
Fixed: Crash when a change in the fiscal device takes place.
Fixed: Inability for connecting to network printers via IP when those do are not respond to “ping”.
Fixed: A rare case of a breakdown during an export of a stock receipt.
Fixed: Inability for adding of fraction quantities with Touchscreen.
Fixed: The width of the border remain black when the border is in dark colour.
Fixed: The column titles of the pages can be deleted with one command from the document designer.
Fixed: Non-owner users cannot choose their own level of access when they perform a self-edit.
Fixed: Crash when there is an unrecognized rule from the database.
Fixed: Empty texts of multipage documents
Fixed: The attachable windows in the reports designer and some documents disappear sometimes.
Fixed: Errors in presenting numbers verbally.
Fixed: The profit report does not take into account the changes in payment, edited through a report
Fixed: Removed several warnings of GTK.
Fixed: The content can appear on top of or under the bottom column title in the document designer.
Fixed: Deleting of a section in the document designer can reduce the size of a table.
Fixed: Editing through a report does not save the changes.
Fixed: Crash when many price rules are involved in an operation.
Fixed: Moving of elements in connected tables in the document designer leaves incorrect contours of selected items.
Fixed: Parameters for connection with printer type ISL.
Fixed: The printing server crashes sometimes when a bill is printed..
Fixed: A redundant column separator in the reports designer when the identification column is disabled.
Fixed: Disappearing keyboard shortcuts in the reports designer.
Fixed: The change in the keyboard link and an immediate pressing of “save” do not save the new value.
Fixed: Invoices with long reasons, descriptions and locations split the document into several pages.
Fixed: The floating windows in the document and report designer.
Fixed: Added circumvention around incorrect calculations of fractional discounts, made with Datecs Printers.
Fixed: Multipage documents appear with the only the first page correct.
Fixed: Stock, pre-ordered through the Touchscreen, is not saved.